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Hamilton Pediatric Associates


Hamilton Pediatrics takes pride in offering a range of providers and appointment times to accommodate your schedule.

Please Note:

All children ages 2 through 21 years of age should have a complete physical exam each year. Check with your insurance company to make sure this is a covered service.

We will not be able to complete any health forms unless your child has been examined within one year of the date of the request. We will not give a child clearance to participate in a school sport or extra curricular activities without a yearly complete physical exam.

New Patients - Initial Visit

Our compassionate Pediatricians and well-trained staff will try to make every visit to our office a pleasant, relaxed experience. With all of the important information about our practice available on our website, you can feel confident that you and child are well-prepared for your first appointment. We also invite you to review our Physician's staff page in order to get to know our doctors. We look forward to meeting you.

If you're preparing for your child's first visit, you can do a few things to help expedite the appointment. Please provide the following information when you arrive for your visit:
  • Insurance cards
  • Complete immunization records
  • Medical records from your previous pediatrician

Payment Options

We accept checks, cash or credit cards. We can also create a manageable payment plan if necessary. Please contact our Financial Coordinator for details.

Cancelling Your Appointment

We require 24 hour notice for all appointment cancellations. This time is required to allow us the opportunity to offer the cancelled appointment to another patient. If it is the weekend or our office is closed, please all 609-581-4480 and leave a message on the appointment line stating:
  • The name of your child
  • His/Her date of birth
  • The time of the appointment to be cancelled

Please Note:

Any well check-up appointments NOT cancelled with 24 hours notice will be charged $25 and this fee is not covered by insurance.